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Dennis Prager Decides ‘Negro’ Most Appropriate Black Connotation

The far-right Christian nationalist Dennis Prager decided he’s the arbiter on all things LGBTQ and POC after he claimed the term ‘negro’ has no “negative connotation whatsoever.”

I didn’t fall into any of the traps of African-American, African hyphen American, Afro-American, whatever — whatever the word that Jesse Jackson came up with at the time. I didn’t understand what was wrong with Black to begin with.

By the way, when you think about it, ‘negro’ had no negative connotation whatsoever either. But I understand because it could sound like the n-word, or whatever other reason that it was dropped. I get that, but Black is fine.

What set him off this time was the NAACP issuing a travel warning against Florida over Ron DeSantis’ attacks and vilification of all things related to fringe with evangelical conspiracies against school kids. The Florida governor did this for a platform to campaign on to the MAGA cult for 2024, and in the name of his faux culture and anti-history legislation.

Cool to see the racist set the terms as to what racism actually is.