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Blaze TV Host Claims Mike Pence Wants To Soul-Rape Your Children

As the run-up to the 2024 presidential election continues, it appears that no one is immune to being smeared as a pedophile by Republicans.

Ron DeSantis’ attacks on Disney were ridiculous, but serving his Christian nationalist base is more critical than actual truthfulness. Children have become the playthings of evangelical creeps.

Steve Deace, another far-right fringe operator housed by Glenn Beck, decided that if you disagree with DeSantis’ attacks on Disney, you must be a child groomer.

Here is Mike Pence’s mortal sin.

“But the idea to go after their taxing authority, ” Pence said. ” I … that was beyond the scope of what I, as a conservative, limited government Republican, would be prepared to do.”

The horror!

Florida losing a billion dollars to score points with the MAGA base was insane.

Deace then decided Pence must be a pedo too, or at least a danger to your children.

“So there’s Mike Pence the pious. Mike the Pious, jumping on Fox News to say, yes, Disney, trans those kids, pollute those kids, demonically influence those kids. Florida’s GDP isn’t good enough. Soul-rape those children, Disney, for my technocratic conservatism. Hell, literally, no. Hell no.

I’m no Mike Pence fan, but come on.

These “people” are all creeps.