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Trump Was Warned About Hoarding Classified Documents

Special Counsel Jack Smith and federal officials now have information gleaned from notes taken by a Trump attorney that the former guy had ample warning to make sure he returned all classified documents after he was subpoenaed.

Hugo Lowell broke the story on The Guardian Monday.

Lowell discussed the new revelations on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

But at the heart of this case now for the Justice Department and the Special Counsel is what was going on with the movement of boxes when Trump was subpoenaed for the classified documents last year.

And you know, the lawyer, Evan Corcoran, Trump’s lawyer at the time, took contemporaneous notes and that got subpoenaed and ended up before the grand jury and we got a readout of some of the contents of the notes.

And it really highlights the fact that Trump was warned he could not keep any of these classified documents.

He was informed about his subpoena obligations.

And so when the subsequent response to the subpoena was incomplete, that becomes a problem for the former president and it becomes a problem for his legal team.

Trump apologist Jonathan Turley explained to Fox News in November of 2022 after Smith was appointed that Trump had a very serious legal problem.

“That is not the case with obstruction. When we are talking about obstruction, that is something that can come; it has historically come with significant penalties,” he said.

“I think the scope of this investigation is going to be a serious concern obviously [For Trump] —I think most of us are really looking at still Mar-A-Lago where those torpedoes in the water are probably…”

Looks like Trump has another felony or two on his hands.