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Trump Doubles Down After E. Jean Carroll Seeks New Damages

Donald Trump responded on his struggling Truth Social platform to the news that his sexual abuse victim, E. Jean Carroll, filed court papers seeking “very substantial” monetary damages from the former President over his remarks about her at a CNN town hall following his $5 million rape-defamation lawsuit loss. Donald can’t stop defaming her, so he doubled down this morning.

“I don’t know E. Jean Carroll, I never met her or touched her (except on a celebrity line with her African American husband who she disgustingly called the “Ape,”), I wouldn’t want to know or touch her, I never abused her or raped her or took her to a dressing room 25 years ago in a crowded department store where the doors are LOCKED, she has no idea when, or did anything else to her, except deny her Fake, Made Up Story, that she wrote in a book,” he said. “IT NEVER HAPPENED, IS A TOTAL SCAM, UNFAIR TRIAL!”

“The Carroll case is part of the Democrats playbook to tarnish my name and person, much like the now fully debunked Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, the 51 Intelligence Agents, FBI/Twitter Files, and so much more,” he added. “It is being funded and tried by Democrat operatives, although this was denied by them, and when they got caught in the lie, the Clinton appointed judge would not let us use it in trial. Time will prove him to be highly partisan & very unfair. Where’s the dress she said she had?”

George Conway responded to call Trump a pussy.

Dude. You could have testified in your own defense. You had your lawyers say you wouldn’t, and you had them rest your case without presenting any testimony. Then you said you would testify, and your lawyers said they’d quit if you did. And the judge all but made clear he’d probably let you testify even though you had waived the right to testify.

And then you still wouldn’t show up. What were you and your lawyers afraid of?

You’re not afraid to grab p***y.

But you *are* one.

I don’t think this is going to help his case. Keep talking, Donald. You’re supposed to stop digging when you’re in a hole, but let’s not tell him about that.