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It’s Over: Loser Kari Lake Loses Final Election Lawsuit

Election denier Kari Lake, who lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs in the gubernatorial race in 2022, just lost her last legal challenge. Lake has repeatedly alleged that she won the election with no credible evidence to back up her wild-eyed claim. She is a heavily filtered version of Donald Trump in a skirt.

The Hill reports:

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled that Lake did not prove that Maricopa County did not verify signatures on mail-in ballots as law requires. Lake refused to concede after Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) was declared the winner in their race, defeating the Republican nominee by about 17,000 votes, and launched multiple legal challenges that had already been mostly dismissed.

The Arizona Supreme Court had revived one challenge that Lake made to the mail-in ballots in Maricopa, the largest county in the state that makes up more than 60 percent of its voters.

Lake needed to prove that the signature verification process was flawed and that it caused the outcome of the race to change, but Thompson found that the bar was not met.

“The evidence the Court received does not support Plaintiff’s remaining claim,” he said in the ruling.

It’s over, girl. Go home. Katie Hobbs is your Governor. Go hang out at Mar-a-Lago with the other loser. You’re done. I’m sure she’ll send off an email for donations following this ruling.