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Politics Podcast: Can Tim Scott’s Optimism Win Over The GOP?


The FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast gets ready for a big week in politics!

For starters, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott officially kicked off his presidential campaign in North Charleston Monday morning. He’s starting the race in the low single digits in national polls, but he has a lot of campaign cash and plenty of goodwill amongst Republican lawmakers, donors and media. So will he be able to convert that potential energy into something more kinetic in the polls?

We also expect the long-teased Ron DeSantis presidential campaign to become a reality this week. According to reports, he could make it official as soon as Wednesday. Trump’s lead over the Florida governor, according to our polling averages, has doubled from 15 points to 30 points over the past few months. So will making it all official give DeSantis the momentum to turn that around?

And, according to the Treasury Department we are just a week or so away from a possible default on the nation’s debt. President Biden is back from the G7 summit in Japan and he and House Speaker McCarthy kicked off new negotiations on Monday. So what are the sticking points and what do Americans want?

National politics reporter at the AP Meg Kinnard and Data Columnist at the Washington Post join the crew to weigh in.

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