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GOP Fringe Candidate Tries To Out-Trump Trump

Republican fringe candidate Vivek Ramaswamy somehow believes this is a winning formula for the GOP. Fox loves to keep promoting this guy as though he’s actually got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the presidential nomination, giving him all the air time he wants. He made another appearance on Fox Sunday afternoon.

Host Eric Shawn asked Ramaswamy whether he thought Trump “can win a general election considering all the investigations, more revelations and what’s to come.”

Ramaswamy initially punted, slamming Biden instead of directly answering the question, and launching into what amounted to a campaign commercial on why he’s supposedly electable.

“The case I’m making is how to take America first agenda to the next level?” Ramaswamy continued. “I’m in this race to take America first further than Donald Trump did, because if we’re doing it based on first principles and moral authority we can go further than if we are just doing it based on vengeance and grievance.”

After Ramaswamy compared himself to Ronald Reagan (despite the fact that their sacred St. Ronnie probably couldn’t make it though a Republican primary these days), Shawn again asked him whether or not Trump could win a general election.

Ramaswamy responded by telling Shawn the way he intends to win the nomination is by trying to out-crazy Trump.

RAMASWAMY: So I think president Trump could win a general election because of how bad Biden’s record is, but I’m focused on how much more we can actually accomplish if we are doing this based on principles. I’m not just talking about putting the wall on the southern border.

I think we can use the military to secure our own southern border. I’m not just talking about reforming the Department of Education. I believe that agency should not have existed.

We need to actually shut it down down.

So in many ways I’m going further than Trump did, but I think we can unite the country in the process if we’re doing it based on first principles. That’s what I’m doing in that race.

Good luck with that, pal. I hate to break it to him, but trying to make Trump look even slightly sane in comparison to yourself isn’t going to “unite” anyone other than the majority of the country that thinks neither of you are fit to be president.