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After two bizarre incidents, George Santos names himself campaign treasurer | Boing Boing

George Santos, the criminally-indicted pathological liar embraced by the GOP as one of their own, has been having a hard time keeping a campaign treasurer, which is legally required by the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The anti-drag queen drag queen lost his first treasurer, Nancy Marks, on January 25 when she resigned after multiple filings were made with the FEC.

That same day, Santos announced his second treasurer, Thomas Datwyler, and began submitting documents bearing Datwyler’s signature. But Datwyler says he never accepted the job and didn’t sign any papers for Santos. “On Monday, we informed the Santos campaign that Mr. Datwyler would not be serving as treasurer,” said a spokesperson for Datwyler. “It appears that there’s been a disconnect between that conversation and the filings today, which we did not authorize.”

After that, Santos announced his third treasurer, a mysterious “Andrew Olson.” No one besides Santos seems to know who he is. Oddly, Olson’s listed address is the same address where Santos’s sister formerly lived. What a coincidence!

This weekend, Santos announced that Olson no longer held the enviable position and announced his fourth treasurer — George Santos himself.

True to form, Santos further muddied the waters with an asinine tweet thread titled, “Debunking the nonsense!”

On Friday, May 19, I was properly notified by my campaign’s then Treasurer, Mr. Andrew Olson, of his resignation. I appreciate the work Andrew and his team have done for the campaign and appreciate his willingness to ensure a smooth transition. To ensure compliance, upon the resignation, I was named as Treasurer. A treasurer must be appointed within ten (10) days of the resignation of the previous treasurer. (11 CFR § 102.2(a)(2)) It is required that for any committee to conduct any business, they must have an active treasurer. Failure to appoint a treasurer will result in the inability of the committee to accept contributions and make disbursements. (11 CFR §§ 102.7(a) and (b)). My intent is to operate above reproach. We will continue to build our campaign around professionals with subject matter expertise. I have retained the professional services of a new Treasurer to ensure the campaign moves forward in compliance. FEC records will reflect the update.

Santos has lied about his education, his employment, and his heritage. But surely he is telling the truth this time.