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Marjorie Taylor Greene Admits GOP’s Biden Whistleblowers Are In Court, Jail, Or Lost

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed that House Republicans have Joe Biden whistleblowers, but they are in court, jail, or lost.

Video of Greene on Steve Bannon’s podcast:

Greene said, “Our whistleblower that brought us evidence that leads directly to Joe Biden. That Joe Biden took a payment from a foreign national in exchange for foreign policy favors. That whistleblower is not lost, and they are safe, but they do fear for their lives…But other whistleblowers, yes, they are missing. They are in court, or they are in jail, but we can’t talk to them because they are in court. They are in jail or they can’t be found at this time.”

Well, that makes it all better. The Biden whistleblowers are in jail. I’ll bet people who are in jail probably for their role in the attempt to overthrow the government on 1/6 are very credible and factual anti-Biden witnesses.

None of the words that Greene used to defend the existence of the House Republican whistleblower made reference to any evidence that Joe Biden engaged in wrongdoing.
This is all smoke and mirrors from people who aren’t any good at smoke and mirrors. It is easy to see through. The only people who are being fooled are those who want to believe that Biden did something wrong.

Republicans have witnesses that Biden did something wrong but no one can meet and see them because they are either in jail or missing.

House Republicans are in the process of carrying out the most incompetent political smear campaign in modern US history.

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