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Dark Brandon Makes An Appearance On Mother’s Day

As President Biden was finishing a bike ride, he took questions from reporters. hen he was asked how things are going on the border, Biden said, “Better than you expected,” and then laughed.

Video clip of President Biden:

The exchange as provided to PoliticusUSA by the White House pool report:

On how Border is going “Much better than you all expected.”

On plans to visit the border: “Not in the near term no. It would just be disruptive.”

He said numbers at the border have gone down but “We have a lot more work to do. We need some more help from the Congress”

Dark Brandon can pop up at any time. He is always there lurking under the surface, not afraid give the media and Republicans a reminder when they underestimate him. One minute, he’s America’s happy grandpa Joe out for a bike ride on a beautiful Mother’s Day until boom, he gets a question and pounces.

Part of the reason why Biden gets underestimated is because of his image as a church going nice guy, but there is also a part of Biden who is a political shark and wants to win. That’s where Dark Brandon lives, and it is why it is a mistake to ever underestimate Joe Biden.

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