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Will Twitter’s new CEO be worse than Musk?

This move was predictable in many ways. Musk’s proclaimed interest in turning Twitter into a new “free speech” mecca has always been dubious. One need only consider his definition of free speech and his repeated censoring of people he didn’t approve of.

But if you think Yaccarino is just your run-of-the-mill, ultrawealthy CEO type … well, you’re basically right.


But that doesn’t seem to be enough for the cognitive dissonance crowd. Does former Fox News scream queen and soon-to-be Twitter host Tucker Carlson have any thoughts on the matter?


What a tangled web we weave! Unfortunately, many of Musk’s blue-check brigade of blind followers are clearly freaking out about this classic bit of billionaire business. Their free speech warrior, it seems, might simply be a billionaire who does not care one iota about the opinions of the poors.

Enjoy the misguided tears.



But if you were worried that the denizens of QAnon wouldn’t be able to connect the dots, here you go. WARNING: Your brain may melt due to the truth bomb being dropped!


Chef’s kiss, indeed.


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