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Trump Wasn’t Even The Worst Thing About The CNN Town Hall

In this video, Will Bunch, columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Cliff Schecter, who started the Blue Amp channel, discuss something even more horrifying than Trump reciting his greatest hits of lies, smears and election conspiracies. Even worse than CNN’s Chris Licht trading in every journalistic value — assuming he had any — to put that orange jabberwocky on television.

The MAGA crowd.

The crowd was reminiscent of the onlookers in the film “The Accused,” cheering on the men raping Jodie Foster on a pool table. Kids taking pleasure in the murder of other children in Lord of the Flies. Hell, it had unsettling aspects of “The Purge” in it.

When Trump joked about his sexual assault — for which he had just been handed a guilty verdict — of E. Jean Carroll (“a whack job”), the MAGA brigade hooted and hollered. The same when he lied about the election results and bullied moderator Kaitlan Collins. This was not a gathering of loyal members of a political party, it was cult members who’d given over their minds to MAGA groupthink, dehumanizing anything and anyone who dared oppose Dear Leader.

This is not normal, and we’ve allowed it to happen to a large share of our population with uncontrolled propaganda masquerading as media for the past generation.

Will and Cliff have more to say about this. Watch the video and subscribe to Cliff’s Blue Amp Channel for more content like this.