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Karma Gets Trump As Tornado Watch Kills Iowa Rally

After decades of getting away with everything, karma may be coming for Trump after his Iowa rally gets canceled due to tornado watch.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Reports on the ground are that with the exception of a rain squall, the weather has been fine:

Local officials might have made Trump cancel. The wording of the former president’s post makes it clear that he is not about to take any blame for the decision, but it is a little hard to believe that a weather watch would make Trump cancel when this is the same guy who flaunted local and state restrictions and guidelines to hold rallies during the height of the pandemic.

It is a little odd that the same person who has not let weather or pandemics keep him away from getting his ego boosted by a loving audience suddenly cancels a rally over potentially bad weather.

A watch means that there is potential for tornadic activity. A warning means that a tornado has touched down and it is time to shelter.

In the Midwest in spring/summer, tornado watches are not that unusual, but for a man who rarely leaves his Barbie Dream House in Florida, a little bad weather potential scared him out of Iowa

Trump was lucky in 2016. Everything went right for him as he barely squeaked into the White House. Since then, everything has gone wrong. Trump was booted out of office during a once in a century pandemic. The former president is criminally indicted, lost a civil rape lawsuit, and now his big rally was wiped out.

Fate is sending a message to Trump.

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