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Right-Wingers Turn On Elon Musk Over New CEO Linda Yaccarino’s World Economic Forum Ties

After Elon Musk announced Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino on Friday, many of his own blue-check paying followers turned against him over the hire of the top executive.

The problem for many of Musk’s followers stem from Yaccarino—who was a Donald Trump administration appointeehelping to lead the World Economic Forum, which conservatives have long painted as an left-wing organization dead-set on mandating everyone eat bugs as a main protein source.

Almost immediately following the announcement, Musk was inundated with memes.

“People would’ve been much happier if it was NOT a WEF, UN or WHO Member… but here we are… a ‘Pussy Hat’ WEF Member that promotes ‘vaccine’ propaganda, masking and lockdowns,” one right-wing Twitter user with over a quarter of a million followers wrote, which had accumulated over 3,000 likes. “How fucking lovely.”

Former Newsmax host Emerald Robinson likewise wrote, “RIP: Twitter.”

The right-wing Twitter user Catturd2 also chimed in, stating that Twitter will soon “suck again.” “Twitter 2.0 was fun while it lasted,” they added.

Jan. 6 lawyer and MAGA pundit Joseph McBride told The Daily Beast that the hire was “misleading” to “change leadership styles after getting people to invest in a platform that advances free speech in the marketplace of ideas and commerce.”

“It’s like we are all on the team in terms of sharing a vision, and then we find out that a new coach is hired who does not align with said vision,” the lawyer added.

Over on Donald Trump’s Truth Social site, the platform sent out a news notification after Musk’s hiring decision was made public around noon, with an attached story that attempted to expose Yaccarino’s “woke ideology.”

“Seems like someone who definitely won’t cave to work corporate censors,” Truth Social communications staffer Mattheus Wagner said.

Far-right radio host Stew Peters—in a text message to The Daily Beast—accused Yaccarino of being close to a “worldwide corporate-run election theft syndicate,” which he said is evidence that “Musk’s claim to hold Freedom of Speech as his top priority is a lie.”