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Nicolle Wallace Exposes CNN’s Most ‘Brazen’ Hypocrisy In Trump Town Hall Event

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and her guests on “Deadline: White House” spent much of the show criticizing CNN for its town hall event in which Donald Trump repeatedly lied in front of a roomful of cheering supporters.

“Many observers found, observed and noted that Trump completely dominated the conversation. He commanded the room,” she said. “And he decided when and what would be discussed.”

Yet Trump attacked her as a “whack job” during the event.

Wallace found that incredibly ironic given CNN’s own recent history with misogyny.

“CNN recently very publicly parted ways with anchor Don Lemon. It came in the aftermath of a comment he made on his broadcast that was viewed by his managers as misogynistic,” she pointed out. “Those very same managers are the people who aired Trump’s misogynistic attacks last night on E. Jean Carroll.”

“There’s also something self-loathing about it,” she said later in the segment. “A company that’s so brazen with its hypocrisy. It’s just parted ways with Don Lemon and then it platforms the misogyny a day after a jury of Trump’s peers found him liable.”

The former anchor called himself “stunned,” but the termination came after a series of controversies including a moment on air where he said Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was past her “prime.”

The led to a report in Variety detailing a pattern of misogynistic behavior and other troubling incidents.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday night tried to defend the network’s decision to host the Trump event.