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Sign if you agree: George Santos cannot remain in the House to serve the GOP agenda

Many politicians lie, but Santos has lied about everything from his work history and achievements to his mother’s death. He’s been caught lying about being related to Holocaust survivors and claiming to employ victims of the PULSE nightclub shooting. He even claimed to have produced “Spiderman” the musical.

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And as U.S. Attorney Breon Pearce described Santos’ indictment: “[Santos] used political contributions to line his pockets, unlawfully applied for unemployment benefits that should have gone to New Yorkers who had lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and lied to the House of Representatives.”

And now that he is under federal indictment, there aren’t many people insisting he should stay in Congress.

Santos’ constituents want him gone, and they deserve a special election to replace him. The Nassau County Republicans who helped him get elected say he should resign, as have a few GOP members of Congress. Other members are on record saying he should be expelled.

Expelling a member of the House requires a two-thirds majority vote, but such a vote is not likely to happen because of one person: Kevin McCarthy.

Some rank-and-file Republican lawmakers intensified their calls for his resignation, but Mr. McCarthy and other House G.O.P. leaders, operating with a slim and fractious majority, said Mr. Santos should be allowed to continue to serve in Congress.

“If a person is indicted, they’re not on committees,” Mr. McCarthy told reporters on Tuesday before the charges were unsealed. “They have a right to vote, but they have to go to trial.” It was in line with the position Mr. McCarthy has taken since January, when the speaker made no move to penalize or marginalize Mr. Santos, even in the face of mounting allegations of misconduct and lies by him.

The House speaker was barely elected on the 15th ballot … with support from George Santos. Further, when McCarthy pushed a dangerous bill to default on our national debts unless we make unspeakable budget cuts that would devastate our economy, Santos gave him the final decisive vote, which allowed it to pass 217-215.

Without his committee assignments, Santos is generally useless in the House—except when he’s needed to give McCarthy’s slim and extreme Republican majority the necessary numbers to ram through their agenda.

We must demand every single member of the House vote to expel George Santos. He has likely committed serious crimes, certainly cannot be trusted, and as a member of Congress he could have access to classified information.

Sign and send the petition to your member of Congress: George Santos has got to go.