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Trump Attorney Gets Heckled After Rape Trial: ‘Fu*k You, Tacopina!’

Trump attorney Joe Tacopina got that New York feeling as he spoke to reporters outside the Manhattan federal courthouse where he unsuccessfully defended former President Donald Trump in a civil suit that claimed he raped and defamed writer E. Jean Carroll.

The jury determined that Trump sexually abused Carroll in the dressing room of a Bergdorf Goodman in the 1990s. The former President was also found liable for her claim of defamation. The jury determined that Carroll should receive $5 million from Trump.

Tacopina said that he whispered something to Carroll after the verdict was announced.

“What I said is between Ms. Carroll and I,” Tacopina said. “I don’t make it personal with people, and we had a pretty good experience as far as the parties in this case, considering what we went through. This was not an easy case.”

The jury must have felt like it was an easy case because they took only 3 hours to decide the verdict.

“Yeah, it was fast. I mean, it’s hard to see behind a jury room door. And I don’t know what they were thinking,” Tacopina said. “What it sort of indicates is what people have been saying, which is, in New York, you can’t get a fair trial. And you know, people said, ‘You lost the case when they announced the names of the litigants.’ But again, they found him not liable for the rape.”

As Trump’s lawyer spoke, a guy can repeatedly be heard yelling, “You’re a fucking Neanderthal!” and “Fuck you, Tacopina!”

“Ok, I’m going to go now. I have a fan that wants to talk to me over there, so I’m going to go address them,” Tacopina said.

I want to buy that heckler a drink.