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Megyn Kelly Wants Gun Control Advocates to Move On Already

Despite yet another mass shooting over the weekend—this time at a shopping mall in Allen, Texas by an apparent neo-Nazi armed with an AR-15—former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is fed up with seeing debates over gun control in the news.

Kelly essentially reiterated sentiments she put on Twitter in response to the shooting, which killed eight and wounded seven others. In one tweet, she posed a question for gun control advocates: “Must we just stay here sad, concerned, lamenting? Could we possibly talk OTHER SOLUTIONS?” In another, she considered the gun control debate essentially pointless, telling the same crowd, “You are ruining any chance at change by not admitting that the gun debate is lost.”

According to Newsmax host Eric Bolling, Kelly “nailed” the issue.

Kelly explained on Monday that, after having covered “more of these mass shootings than I ever wanted to,” she is “sick and tired of opening up the papers, or the phone, and the Twitter—whatever—and just seeing the entire aftermath get mired in the gun debate, which has lost. It’s over.”

“The pro-gun control people have lost and they don’t realize it, and they get us stuck every time arguing over something that’s never going to happen. Not only can they not get a gun ban passed, but even if they did, it would be struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court,” she claimed.

Even if the Supreme Court were to allow a ban on AR-15s, it would serve no purpose, insisted Kelly, apparently no fan of incremental progress on an issue that sets the U.S. apart from other developed nations.

“Everybody would just use their semi-automatic pistols. That’s what was used at the most deadly school shooting of all time, Virginia Tech,” she said. “So we need to face reality, okay? The states that have the strictest gun laws—New York, California, Connecticut, where I am now—have had multiple mass shootings in this past decade. They don’t work any better than the states that have lenient gun laws like Texas.”

In lieu of gun control legislation, Kelly suggested improved mental health services, as well as

boosting security measures for “soft targets” like malls and schools—a common refrain from conservatives in the wake of gun violence.