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Kari Lake Makes A Pit Stop After Cozying Up To Viktor Orban

Arizona election denier Kari Lake joined Mike Lindell’s sedition podcast to talk fascism and royalism. Anything but democracy, eh, Kari?

She beamed with joy after witnessing the Coronation. (We assume she watched from her motel room or a pub.)

And then we moved on to London, and we got to experience the coronation after 70 years, of a new king.

And witnessed history here with our allies in England.

And you know, obviously, we broke free from the shackles of the monarchy 245, 46 years ago.

But I’ll be honest, I love the fact that England has culture, and they’ve maintained that culture.

It’s not for us, the monarchy isn’t, but it was really wonderful to be here for a part of history and to be with the great, polite, wonderful people of England.

Lake loves the British culture of fawning over the Royals, but she apparently missed the protests.

And the failed Arizona candidate hopes to be the Queen of Trumpistan someday. A fascist Trump monarchy would suit her fine.

In CPAC Hungary, where Lake was a speaker, CPAC touted free speech yet kicked out actual reporters trying to cover the event, from Politico and The Guardian. She loves that Orban controls the press and their courts too.

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