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Jonathan Turley Trashes Trump’s Appeal: ‘That Dog Won’t Hunt’

Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley explained that Trump’s complaints about being “unconstitutionally silenced” for his appeal will not fly.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum brought on their legal team seconds after Trump was found guilty of sexually assaulting and defaming E Jean Carroll.

“We know [Trump] did not testify,” MacCallum said. “He is saying in a statement earlier today before the verdict — that he would appeal on the basis of unconstitutional silencing, that he’s a current political candidate, and that he can’t speak or respond while she can.”

“But Jonathan, he was asked if he wanted to testify in person here and he declined, correct?” she asked.

“Yeah, that dog won’t hunt,” Turley replied. “If that’s the argument on appeal, then it’s going to be a rather quick appeal.”

Turley said the Court of Appeals doesn’t like to overturn these verdicts and brought up the cockwombler’s no show.

“The biggest problem for the president, I think at trial and it’s going to be on appeal, is he decided not to testify,” Turley said. “He didn’t even appear in the courtroom. That not only triggered inferences, but it likely poisoned the well a bit for these jurors.”

“Jurors don’t like it. They don’t like it in criminal or civil cases when the key accused party doesn’t speak to them,” he said.

Trump is making the typical conservative grievance case; that his voice has been canceled but since he refused to be appear in court, that’s another fail for Joe Tacopina.

Also Trump has been attacking E. Jean Carroll continually on Truth Social. He just didn’t want to face cross-examination on those attacks.