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Gina Loudon Falsely Claims Nazis Are Liberals

Real America’s Voice host Gina Loudon linked the Allen, Texas mall shooter to the Left (of course she did) by claiming Nazis are really liberals.

Loudon’s book jacket claimed she is America’s favorite psychological expert, except she doesn’t have a degree in psychology nor any clinical training.

But hey, she believes she’s an expert because of her gut instincts.

Loudon even claimed that “The term ‘narcissism’ is overused and under-defined,” …adding that a test she took in graduate school put her on the narcissist spectrum.”.

Ya don’t say.

Loudon and her team were discussing Mauricio Garcia’s Nazi patch that links him to far-right Republicans when she decided to blame “illegals.”

“We have multiple murderers and accidents attributed to illegals at this point,” Loudon said.

Not to be outdone by herself, she then made this idiotic connection:

“But one thing that isn’t so far-fetched is the idea of Nazism, because Nazis were liberals,” Loudon falsely claimed. “Let’s not forget that.”

“They were as far left as they could possibly be. And if you look at the liberal fascist movement in the United States and around the world today, many of them are very racist,” she said.

“And a lot of their political ideology comes right out of something that looks very much like the Third Reich, which was a leftist, racist organization,” she continued.

That’s not even a good try. Jonah Goldberg already attempted this tripe and was vilified for it.

Instead, Gina Loudon described the MAGA cult to a tee, except for leaving out the evangelicals.