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Rep. Donalds Admits There’s No Evidence Of Biden Family Illegality

On Friday, Rep. Byron Donalds, who seems eager to impeach President Joe Biden, acknowledged on Fox News there’s no evidence of any actual crime in the Biden family.

“Where is the evidence of illegality here?” anchor John Roberts asked. “You can say that this looks bad, that there may be impropriety but where’s the illegality.”

“Well, it’s not so much about illegality, and that remains to be seen,” Donalds said. Which is Republican-speak for “there is no evidence.”

But don’t think for one minute that Donalds and his GOP pals will let a little thing like lack of evidence dampen their impeachment party. Donalds continued, “Let me put that on the side because again, we still have to go through the full investigative process.”

Which is Republican speak for “Impeaching Biden is a top priority.”

Donalds went on to talk about “a structuring of wires” going to “various elements of the Biden family and related businesses.” He added, “What is not seen, and this is highly unethical” is that the Biden family “was taking money from foreign entities. For what? We have no idea.”

Unlike Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner ($2 billion from the Saudis for his start-up investment firm, despite their lack of confidence in his ability) or daughter Ivanka Trump (granted 41 Chinese trademarks), none of Biden’s family members are part of his administration.

But we already know Donalds’ concern about ethics is selective. He has called for President Biden to resign but when it comes to lying fraud and alleged criminal Rep. George Santos, that’s “between him and his voters.”

This Donalds interview comes on the heels of Fox anchor Bill Hemmer seeming to run out of patience with Biden investigations. Earlier in the week, Hemmer told Oversight Chair Rep. James Comer, “we’ll see whether or not you’re on to something. Again, five years investigating, nothing just yet.”


March 2023