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Larry Kudlow Promotes Lie That SVB Donated Millions To BLM

Trump’s former economic advisor and Fox Business host Larry Kudlow lied about Silicon Valley Bank donating $75 million to the Black Lives Matters movement because of “woke” policies. This is a fully debunked lie, which Fox News should stop blasting immediately.

Fox News host Sandra Smith asked Kudlow to comment on the SVB situation.

“Woke policies, I don’t like them any more than anybody else does,” Kudlow said.

Kudlow just loves the horrific HR1 Republican House bill on energy and climate change.

“This bank in Silicon Valley was a rogue bank, did insane things,” he said.

Why Republican money managers and billionaires kept their money there is beyond me if it was “rogue and woke.” (That’s a new cereal brought to you by purple M&Ms)

“The board was full of Hillary Clinton donors, one person there with banking experience, gave $75 million to Black Lives Matter, $5 billion to climate causes and diversity causes, it’s nonsense. this is a rogue bank,” Kudlow chided.

This man is a joke and it speaks volumes to Fox News as an entity that he has his own program again.

Kudlow told America in March of 2020, before Trump admitted we were in a pandemic, “COVID19 looks relatively contained.”

Susie Madrak debunked those claims from scumbags at Claremont Institute, already on C&L Thursday.

Judd Legum tweeted, ‘The actual amount that SVB donated to BLM is ZERO”

Is there any lie Fox News will not promote against Democrats?


March 2023