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FL Bill Aimed At Defunding Black Fraternities And Sororities

There’s so many chunks of monkey feces being thrown in Florida, it’s hard to keep up, as Nicolle Wallace admitted yesterday.

“We have sought to cover it all here: textbooks in grade school, the AP courses in high school, now aspects of Black culture and unity and support on college campuses are under attack in Florida,” Wallace said.

“The Hill reports this, House Bill 999, or the public post-secondary educational institutions, bans colleges from financially supporting any programs or campus activities that espouse diversity, equity, or inclusion, or Critical Race Theory rhetoric. The language has led to concerns that Black fraternities and sororities will be barred from Florida campuses under proposed legislation.”

I can’t tell you how shocking this is. Black fraternities and sororities are so much more than social clubs. They are incubators for Black excellence, and a national support network for their members. You would be hard pressed to find a prominent Black leader who didn’t belong to one of these organizations.

“I feel like this is another in the list of growing assaults on Black people being espoused by the Florida legislature and acolytes of Ron DeSantis playing to this very narrow slice of the American public. And not pretending anymore that it isn’t a racist play in this country,” former congresswoman Donna Edwards said.

The bill is even worse than it sounds. Since Rhonda Santis wants public universities cleansed of any kind of diversity, equity, or inclusion work, the bill would ban majors and minors that require courses in subjects related to critical race theory, gender studies and intersectionality. It would also prohibit general education core courses from including critical race theory in the curriculum.

And it also puts university hiring and firing decisions in the hands of political appointees.

Keep your kids out of Florida if you want them to learn about the real world.


March 2023