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Brother Says Princess Diana Compared Trump To ‘An Anal Fissure’.

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer took to Twitter to set the record straight as to how his late sister viewed former President Donald Trump after the one-termer claimed that at one point, world leaders, politicians, and celebrities, including his late sister, wanted to “kiss my ass.”

Trump’s new book titled ‘Letters To Trump’ will be released on April 25, featuring other people’s words, not his. Just months after Princess Diana’s horrific death, Trump claimed that he could have had sex with her. That, of course, isn’t true. He gave her “the creeps.”

Via BuzzFeed:

Trump also said Princess Diana sent him a “really nice letter” shortly before her death, thanking him for a bouquet of flowers after the businessman had done her a “personal favour.”

However, last month the TV presenter Selina Scott claimed in the Sunday Times that Trump “bombarded Diana at Kensington Palace with massive bouquets of flowers” and that the princess had said the businessman gave her “the creeps.”

The friend of Diana wrote: “As the roses and orchids piled up at her apartment she became increasingly concerned about what she should do. It had begun to feel as if Trump was stalking her.”

In the 1997 Howard Stern interview Trump also claimed that unlike Diana’s then-boyfriend Dodi Fayed, he would never have allowed Diana to die in a Parisian tunnel while being chased by paparazzi photographers on motorbikes.

“I know that tunnel in Paris,” Trump said. “It’s got, like, a 30-mile limit.”

He added: “If you look at this tunnel – and I know that tunnel well, I’ve been through that tunnel many times – you can’t go more than 30, 40 miles an hour. If you’re going 40 miles an hour through that tunnel you’re going fast. These people had to be going at 120-something miles an hour.”

Sure, Trump, who hid in a bunker, would have saved Diana. I can’t roll my eyes any harder. The ego on that guy.


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