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March 17, 2023

Today CNN 10 is looking at the latest news on the population crisis in Japan. Deaths on the island nation have outpaced births for more than a decade, posing a growing problem for the country. Then, CNN 10 has a story that’s out of this world. Scientists recently took a closer look at archival images of the surface of Venus and discovered volcanic activity. And before you go, CNN 10 is soaring to new heights with a story on the first person to land a plane on the helipad an iconic hotel in Dubai. All that and more on this episode of CNN 10.


1. In what U.S. state did President Biden declare a state of emergency this week after severe rain and snowfall?

2. In what European country are citizens protesting over the government`s plans to raise the retirement age for most workers from the age of 62 to 64?

3. What fictional superhero received letters at a Queen’s address that are now on display at the City Reliquary Museum in New York City?

4. What is the name of the California based bank that was shut down by regulators this week? Hint: It became the second biggest bank failure in United States history

5. This week, the Biden administration approved a controversial oil drilling project called the Willow Project in what U.S. state?

6. On Tuesday, a Russian fighter caused a U.S. Air Force surveillance drone to crash in what body of water?

7. The “Greater Idaho Movement” is led by rural conservative counties that want to join Idaho and leave what U.S. state?

8. What famous basketball player’s game-winning sneakers are expected to fetch as high as $4 million dollars at auction?

9. What country in Asia is seeing a worrisome population crisis because of an aging population?

10. Archival images from the 1990s that were recently re-evaluated showed volcanic activity on what planet?

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