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The Republican Hunter Biden Obsession Is Backfiring

The Republican obsession with Hunter Biden’s laptop has backfired on them as Americans want them to stop wasting their time with the investigation.

According to a new PPP Poll commissioned by the Congressional Accountability Project:

63% of voters (and 63% of independents) say they would rather Congress focus on issues like rising costs and healthcare than investigating the Biden administration.

● A similar 61% of voters (and 60% of independents) want Congress to focus on issues like rising costs and healthcare versus those who want Congress to spend time investigating President Biden’s family and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

● A resounding 86% of voters agree with the statement that they want their elected leaders to stop playing partisan games and work together to solve their problems, with 74% strongly agreeing.

The investigate Hunter Biden track that plays so well with Fox News, Newsmax, and conservative media is bombing with the rest of the country.  The vast majority of Americans don’t want Congress to be wasting their time and money on investigations of President Biden and his son’s laptop.

The House Republican efforts to inject the Hunter Biden story into the broader political discourse have failed. The American people don’t care. Polling has consistently demonstrated that trying to find or create a Biden scandal is not a priority for the majority of Americans.

If House Republicans want to keep their majority, they would be wise to change course and drop the bogus Biden investigations. Since there is no chance that Republicans will get interest in governing, Republicans are setting the stage for Democrats to take back the House in 2024.


March 2023