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Prosecutors Bust Tucker Carlson For Cutting QAnon Shaman’s Crimes Out Of Video

DOJ prosecutors wrote in a court filing that Tucker Carlson cut out all of the footage of the QAnon Shaman’s criminal activity from the video he played on his show.

Politico reported:

“The televised footage shows Chansley’s movements only from approximately 2:56 p.m. to 3:00 p.m,” prosecutors said in a 10-page court filing connected to the seditious conspiracy trial of five Proud Boys leaders, including Dominic Pezzola, who used a riot shield to initiate the breach of the Capitol.

“Prior to that time, Chansley had, amongst other acts, breached a police line at 2:09 p.m. with the mob, entered the Capitol less than one minute behind Pezzola during the initial breach of the building, and faced off with members of the U.S. Capitol Police for more than thirty minutes in front of the Senate Chamber doors while elected officials, including the Vice President of the United States, were fleeing from the chamber,” they continued.

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Kevin McCarthy continues to claim that his decision to give Tucker Carlson exclusive access to the Capitol security camera footage on 1/6 is about transparency, but the Speaker’s trusted program that he gave an exclusive to did the most anti-transparency action imaginable by editing the video and not telling his viewers that the clip was edited.

Tucker Carlson is doing the job that he was chosen to do. Carlson is creating a false narrative to whitewash the events of 1/6. The DOJ isn’t standing by and allowing Carlson to rewrite history and potentially damage its prosecutions of domestic terrorists.


March 2023