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Gov. Ron DeSantis Just Described COVID As ‘A Woke Virus’

Gov. Ron DeSantis has launched a war on wokeness ahead of a potential 2024 presidential campaign. Some Republicans, including Ronald DeSantis, blamed “woke” investment strategies for Silicon Valley Bank’s downfall. “This bank, they’re so concerned with DEI [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion] and politics and all kinds of stuff, I think that really diverted from them focusing on their core mission,” DeSantis said on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Instead of finding solutions to issues, Republicans are blaming wokeness and leaving problems unsolved. So now, DeSantis is even claiming that Covid “was a woke virus.”

First of all, Covid isn’t gone. It is still a spreading virus. Republicans don’t like the term ‘woke’ because it’s a word derived from the Black community meaning to be “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.” Republicans can’t even let Black people have a word without freaking the fuck out.

This brings me to his excuse for calling COVID “woke.” He seemed confused about why people protested after George Floyd’s murder while we were locked down.

I’m going to explain it like he’s 5 years old. COVID gripped the nation, and people were dying, and Americans were losing their jobs. And as we were shuttered in our homes, we were forced to witness the police murder another unarmed Black man. It played on the TV repeatedly. And while he was dying, he yelled out for his dead mother. That did it. We could only take so much.

It’s called empathy.


March 2023