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Gaetz Hires His Soul Brother As New Staffer

Matt Gaetz has hired a new staffer for his office who is at least as reprehensible as Gaetz is, quite possibly even more so.

Daily Beast has a run down on Andrew Kloster, and he’s a Republican’s Republican. Think of all the negative connotations normally associated with Republicans, especially Gaetz, and this guy has it by the bucket load. Kloster is a self-described “raging misogynist” and from the get go, you can see why Gaetz thought he was a good hire:

“Consent is probably modern society’s most pernicious fetish.”

It would seem bad enough if that internet comment from the newly hired congressional counsel for Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was about women. But this statement criticizing the notion of consent—which Gaetz’s counsel, Andrew Kloster, posted in the comments section of a Volokh Conspiracy post sometime around 2013—came in reply to a blog titled, “Government Out of Bedrooms, but into Barnyards,” which endorsed a libertarian framework for rejecting consent as a legitimate basis for bans on bestiality.

Kloster—a self-described “raging misogynist” who was hired in Gaetz’s D.C. office last month—is a prolific tweeter. He seems to find a particular thrill in controversy, which he often folds into his brand of “new right” contrarian conservatism.

Kloster, who is also a quite prolific tweeter, goes on to readily spew things involving physically assaulting women as well as sexually assaulting them. He makes comments that makes one wonder if he shares Gaetz’s taste for little girls.

But that’s not all. There’s more. There’s always more.

Like any Republican, he has more than his share of racism coursing through his system. saying insane things like “slavery was voluntary” and that Black people owe whites reparations for their slavery.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Kloster goes to Gaetz’s office almost immediately after a gig in Wisconsin, working for election frauditor Michael Gableman and Speaker Robin Vos. I do believe that election denialism is now a requirement to stay in good standing with the Republican Party.

And like any true Republican, Kloster has a history of going through and deleting tweets as soon as questions start coming up. Likewise, he also forgets that nothing on the internet ever really goes away.

But all that said, Kloster does have one fatal flaw that could be his undoing with his fellow Republican fascists – he likes the Bidens!

He defended Joe and Hunter Biden—something that would likely put him at odds with Gaetz and the Freedom Caucusers who have vowed that an investigation into Hunter Biden would be at the top of their agenda.

“I still have an affinity for Hunter and Joe, sorry,” Kloster tweeted. “I don’t care, I just like real people.” (Archived, just in case.)

Kloster better be careful. Talk like that could earn him a noose at the next insurrection.


March 2023