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Democratic Lawmaker Reads Tucker’s Texts On The House Floor

Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern has had it with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson after the host pulled his latest dangerous stunt by airing Jan. 6 security footage from the Capitol while suggesting the mob of Trump supporters who broke in acted like “sightseers” who were taking selfies.

As part of a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News, Tucker Carlson’s text messages to a colleague in January 2021 was released.

Carlson said he “passionately hated” Donald Trump and didn’t believe the former president’s Big Lie of widespread voter fraud.

McGovern read the texts on the House floor, showing that Carlson knew voter fraud wasn’t an issue. However, on the air, Carlson lied to his viewers like he’s been lying about Jan. 6.

McGovern said that Carlson said in the private text that “lies about voter fraud were shockingly reckless,” and the Democrat said that the Fox News host “called the very conspiracy theories he was promoting on the air insane and absurd.”

“He called those propagating the Big Lie — and I quote again — ‘dangerous as hell,'” he continued.

“He knew that claims that the election was stolen were dangerous lies,” he added. “But instead of owning up to the truth, he went on TV, and with zero respect for his viewers and for the people of this country — zero respect for our democracy, he told those dangerous lies to the American people. “

Everyone at Fox News knew it was a lie. After all, no credible evidence was offered to back up Trump’s wild-eyed claims. But now it’s too late. Jan. 6 happened. And it could happen again because even though Fox News has been outed, Trump supporters still believe what the network has spoon-fed them for years. And the Fox News personalities have failed to offer an apology. That’s because the network is in big trouble, so they have to cover their lies with silence and lies of omission.


March 2023