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Fox & Friends Doesn’t Like Trump’s Nickname For DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ronald DeSantis is likely gearing up for a 2024 presidential bid, so former President Donald Trump is trying to assign him a nickname. That’s what Trump does, and it’s always a case of childish projection. Ron DeSanctimonious seems to be a favorite of the one-term President, and it’s also been reported that Trump is considering using the nickname Tiny D for the Florida Governor. That didn’t go down well with Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade.

“Donald Trump is trying to vilify Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan,” Kilmeade said. “A portion of the party that he is trying to link Ron DeSantis to. Also, working on a nickname Ron Dishonest, Ron DeEstablishment, or Tiny D. People are uncomfortable. It’s hard to label somebody who is so similar to him with a nickname. it’s almost as — it makes everybody on all sides seemingly uncomfortable. Even people reporting it.”

Well, yeah. All of the nicknames Trump has given people have been embarrassing. Not to the people he assigns them to, though. Interestingly, Kilmeade drew the line at Trump attempting to demean DeSantis, but the other Republicans the former President has attacked weren’t worth defending.

Sloppy Bill Barr, Low Energy Jeb, Lyin’ Ted Cruz, and Little Marco Rubio are examples of Trump’s penchant for diminishing his opponents. However, going after DeSantis was going too far for Kilmeade. It’s almost as if the hosts hope the Florida Republican runs in 2024.


March 2023