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CPAC Liar Says Touching Money With Fentanyl On It Kills You

Republicans just can’t stop flipping out about fentanyl being a Democratic plot. Remember the Halloween Rainbow Fentanyl freakout?

During Thursday’s CPAC conference, Rep. Mark Green, a doctor, promoted the often debunked claim that if you pick up a dollar bill with some fentanyl on it, it will kill you.

The topic discussed was the border, fentanyl, and of course, impeaching the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Rep. Mark Green, (no relation to Marge) then lied by promoting a conspiracy theory that was created by the GOP this past Halloween.

“This week, we had an amazingly strong woman who came into our committee and talked about losing two children to fentanyl in one night,” Green said. “Every American in our country is at risk for this.”

“You pick up a dollar that has got fentanyl on it, and you’re dead,” Rep. Green lied. “So, this is a massive risk. We have to take this methodically with the process …”

It’s impossible for you to overdose or get some kind of contact high from fentanyl being absorbed into your skin by a mere touch.

You can’t overdose on fentanyl by touching a doorknob or dollar bill. The one case in which fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin is with a special doctor-prescribed fentanyl skin patch, and even then, it takes hours of exposure.

Republicans used fentanyl to try to win the 2020 midterm elections, and they came up with many crazy ideas to scare people.

Here’s RNC chair McDaniel doing her best to fearmonger.

Kevin McCarthy jumped into the fray.

Guess what? No one died on Halloween from rainbow fentanyl or touching dollar bills covered in the drug.

There is no end to the Republican lie machine.


March 2023