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Marge Wants A ‘Safe Place’ For Republican Racism

Hannity brought back Marjorie Taylor Greene Tuesday (is she on every night now?).

Hannity clearly wants to rebrand and mainstream Marge’s rancid “National Divorce” ideas, but she immediately blows his attempted gaslighting out of the water.

Hannity introduced the Georgia Congresswoman by claiming it was the left-wing media only that misrepresented her “National Divorce” ideas.

“Let’s talk specifically about what you mean. You are not talking about separate countries or secession, is that correct?” he asked.

Marge whined that everyone is accusing her of trying to start a civil war.

“What I’m talking about is reducing the size of our federal government and giving more power and control to our states, to be the identity that they want to be, whether it’s blue or red,” Greene said.

Greene then complained about people being mean to her and the MAGA hat-wearing cultists.

“We are fed up,” she said.”We are fed up with Democrat policies. We are fed up with the woke ideology being shoved down our throat, and we are tired of our children being brainwashed into these same ideas.”

(Now comes her Confederate succession ideas.)

“We want our own safe space, and we deserve it,” Greene said.

Poor snowflake.

“The federal government is so out of control. The debt is insane. We need to take power away from the federal government and reign that entity back in and truly let the states have the power and control they deserve,” Greene stated.

In other words, Greene wants red states to succeed so they don’t have to be hindered by federal law or regulation. And Democrats in those states can conform or move.

Trump added trillions to the federal debt, but Marge didn’t mind then.

The “states’ rights” mantra has been used by confederates for over a hundred years trying to keep schools, restaurants, and red states segregated.

Hey Sean, it’s not just the beltway media and progressive news outlets like C&L that protested her insane ideas.

Republicans like Utah Governor Spencer Cox excoriated Greene’s ideas.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) on Monday hit back at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s calls for a “national divorce” of Republican and Democratic states, saying the lawmaker’s rhetoric is “evil.” … “This rhetoric is destructive and wrong and — honestly — evil.”

Steve Bannon blasted the idea: “It’s something that I’m adamantly obviously opposed to, vehemently.”

“This country is not going to split. You might as well go over to Arlington National Cemetery, go over to the section of the veterans at Gettysburg, and spit on their graves as to even mention that this country would be split apart.”

Laura Ingraham, too, appears to like her “coastal elite” condominium:


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