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Adam Schiff Says Kevin McCarthy Is Now In League With Insurrectionists

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that Kevin McCarthy is now in league with the 1/6 insurrectionists because he is providing the terrorists with 1/6 security footage.

Video of Adam Schiff:

Schiff said: on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

.The real scandal, in my view is not that he was doing the right thing at the time but the fact that he needs to lie about doing the right thing in order to attain the support of his base and the support of his members of the conference. But as a result of that, as a result of turning himself into all kinds of pretzels in order to retain the support of his conference members, it puts him in league with these insurrectionists even further, providing them material and others potentially who can attack the capitol perhaps with more success next time.

This is what happens when the speakership is dependent on the absolute lowest common denominator. It puts not just members of congress but members of the public and the capitol at risk. It puts the capitol police officers at risk.

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Kevin McCarthy is invested in rewriting the history of the 1/6 attack for Donald Trump, and the Republican Party that he is giving accused domestic terrorists access to the security camera footage of the building that they attacked.

McCarthy jeopardized American security so that he can maintain his speakership.

It was widely understood that McCarthy could be one of the weakest speakers in history after he had to give up everything to get the votes to be named speaker, but as Rep. Schiff correctly pointed out, McCarthy has gone beyond weakness and is aiding people who attacked the United States.

Kevin McCarthy is palling around with domestic terrorists and his bad decisions could result in tragedy.


March 2023