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Marge Is Spitting Mad Biden Is Securing The Border

There seems to be a common theme with Republicans lately as they launch rants about illegal drug seizures as if that’s a bad thing. Making sure the deadly drug fentanyl stays off of our streets is supposed to be a good thing. I’m not sure if Georgie Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is this stupid or if she thinks we are.

“I want you to know that in 2020, there were 4.8K pounds of Fentanyl seized by CBP. But in 2021, it increased to 11.2K pounds of Fentanyl seized by the CBP,” the human brain fart said. “That is a direct result of Biden administration failure policies.”

“The Biden Administration is failing our country by not securing our border and stopping Chinese Fentanyl from being brought into our country,” she added.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn tweeted something similar in January.

In December, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert lashed out at Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over drug seizures.

“On Mayorkas’s watch,” Boebert said, “over 14,000 pounds of Fentanyl was seized in the fiscal year 2022 at our southern border. That is an all-time record high.”

Clearly Biden’s policies at the border are better than the previous administration if MORE fentanyl is being seized than under the previous regime, but they keep using this tired stupid talking point because they assume we’re all stupid like Marge.

I’m sure there are more examples from other Republicans. This isn’t the ‘gotcha’ they think it is.


February 2023