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Biden Humiliates Putin And Trump In Poland

President Biden delivered a strong message to Putin, Trump, and all of the Republicans who want to appease Russia during his speech in Poland.

Video of President Biden:

Biden told Putin that he will fail:

President Putin’s craven lust for land and power will fail, and the Ukrainian’s love for their country will prevail. Democracies of the world will stand guard over freedom today, tomorrow, and forever. So that is what is at stake here freedom. That is the message that I carried to Kyiv yesterday, directly to the people of Ukraine. When President Zelenskyy said that he came to the United States in December, quote, he said this struggle will define the world and what our children and grandchildren and how they live and then their children and grandchildren. He was not only speaking of the children and grandchildren of Ukraine, he was speaking about all of our children and grandchildren, yours and mine.

We are seeing again today what the people of Poland and the people across Europe saw for decades, appetites of the autocrat cannot be appeased. They must be opposed. Autocrats only understand one word no, no, no. No, you will not take my country. No, you will not take my freedom. No, you will not take my future. And I’ll repeat tonight what I said last year in this same place, a dictator trying to rebuild an empire will never be able to ease the people’s love of liberty. Brutality will never grind down the will of the free. And Ukraine, Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia, never.

President Biden could have been speaking about Donald Trump and the pro-Putin wing of the Republican Party as he discussed why autocrats can’t be appeased. Trump is known to fly into a rage when he is told no. Somewhere deep inside, Putin knows that his invasion has failed, just as Trump knows that he is a failed president.

The Republicans who want to appease Putin don’t want to do so out of a desire to end the bloodshed. There is a faction within the Republican Party that is opposed to democracy and wants to see a Trump-led autocracy in the United States.

Biden was right. Authoritarians whether they are in Moscow or Mar-a-Lago only understand the word no. There will be no appeasement from this president, who is emerging as a historic defender of democracy and freedom.


February 2023