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John Oliver Decimates Fox Over Lying To Their Own Viewers

John Oliver returned from his hiatus by talking about the Dominion lawsuit against Fox, and points out some of the good bits. Unfortunately, the video isn’t available, so you’ll have to find out the rest the old-fashioned way: by clicking on the link and reading the whole thing! Via the Hollywood Report:

Oliver showed a CNN report of hosts including Ingraham noting that “disturbing irregularities have been found and must be investigated to the fullest.”

Said Oliver: “Wow, if I were a Fox viewer, I’d feel pretty betrayed by that. It’s like finding out that Big Bird regularly texts Elmo, ‘Fuck them kids,’ and Elmo agrees.”

Back to the Fox News hosts, Oliver noted that the court filing shows “the extent to which Fox News hosts did not believe the shit that they were selling, which is completely fine if you work for QVC and you have to fill an hour on why a bejeweled Squatty Potty will save your life, but it’s a bit more concerning when you pretend to be the news.”

The lawsuit has revealed just what a clown car Fox is, as various hosts admit knowing all the election fraud coverage was plain old bullshit:

“Multiple Fox hosts seem to see telling the truth as a potentially existential threat,” Oliver said. He then showed a clip of a CNN report saying that Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich had fact-checked a Trump tweet about votes being destroyed, after which Carlson texted colleagues: “Please get her fired. Seriously….What the F***?… It’s measurably hurting the company. The stock price is down.”

Said Oliver: “As egregious as that is, it does definitely track, as the list of fireable offenses at Fox News seems to be ‘making stock price go down’ or ‘being a sexual monster for decades (but only if people outside the company find out about it).’”


February 2023