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James O’Keefe Out At Project Veritas

According to OANN reporter Neil W. McCabe, James O’Keefe has resigned from Project Veritas after being placed on leave during their investigation of his conduct toward other employees and a federal investigation of the theft of Ashley Biden’s diary during the 2020 election.

James O’Keefe is a serial liar, criminal and ratf*cker who has for far too long been given far too much money to try and frame Democratic activists, politicians and even national reporters with really stupid stunts intended to embarrass and portray them in a false light. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is Project Veritas, under O’Keefe’s direction, which acquired Ashley Biden’s stolen diary. While they didn’t publish the contents, they landed on another website where they were published, with plausible deniability for the erstwhile James O’Keefe.

That James O’Keefe read his resignation letter from Project Veritas to a former colleague who now works for OANN should tell you everything you need to know about OANN and James O’Keefe. But allow me a bit of schadenfreude, since O’Keefe is a frat boy who got a boatload of right wing money to be a right wing ratfucker for years, even though he should have been playing for pennies on the summer stock circuit.

O’Keefe made his name in right wing circles when he took hidden cameras into an ACORN office dressed as a pimp with a partner dressed as a prostitute, catching 3 workers on video telling them how to hide illegal sex businesses. They tried this act in ACORN offices all over the country, and were shown the door in all but one, where the three workers were fired immediately. To this day, it smells like a setup, and is particularly O’Keefe’s style, as we would later learn. But Fox News and especially Glenn Beck howled and howled until ACORN was gutted, defunded, and forced to shut down. Years later, one ACORN employee would have his name cleared and receive a settlement, but ACORN was down for the count by then.

O’Keefe’s next project was to break in to then-senator Mary Landrieu’s office with some notable cohorts; namely, Joseph Basel, Stan Dai and Robert Flanagan, all 24. Flanagan is the son of William Flanagan, who was the acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana at the time. All four were charged with entering federal property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony. Ultimately, O’Keefe pled to a misdemeanor and called it a day.

Undeterred, O’Keefe kept on, this time going after then-CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau, in what can only be described as one of the most sexist, cynical, ugly stunts ever. His plan was to seduce her, record it, and then embarrass her with it. She got tipped off at the last minute, thank heavens. But she wasn’t the only victim of his smear factory. Former associate Nadia Naffe ended up on the receiving end of his smears, aided by his slimy right wing cohorts.

Next target: NPR, a favorite right-wing target until David Koch had the brilliant idea to just buy them with huge donations.

Here is another edited video intended to smear college professors that has O’Keefe’s trademark all over it but with some plausible deniability, too. O’Keefe and Breitbart were partners in crime — and edited videos.

After receiving his tax-exempt status because right wingers whined about the IRS discriminating against them, O’Keefe really went to town. Armed with lots of funding via the Donors Trust dark money piggy bank, he cooked up some new sting ideas, most of which involved him dressing up and going on the town. Here he is trying to go after Medicaid recipients in a kilt.

In 2012, he tried to commit voter fraud to prove voter fraud existed in New Hampshire. He tried again in North Carolina, but screwed it up royally.

Suppressing voters was an ongoing O’Keefe/Project Veritas scam. From ACORN to SEIU, one of his primary goals was to make sure Black and brown folks didn’t vote.

By 2013, after all of his efforts to keep Black folks from re-electing President Barack Obama failed, O’Keefe decided to market his techniques. He headed on over to Freedomworks, where he released a training video chock-full of his best tips for ratfucking “narrative changing videography.”

It should come of no surprise to anyone that O’Keefe and his mentor Andrew Breitbart hobnobbed with white nationalists. White supremacist Jared Taylor is an O’Keefe associate. By now, it’s clear they built their brands on that. And because it’s no surprise, it’s also not a surprise that they tried to incite violence in Ferguson, MO by infiltrating Black activist groups and trying to incite violence against the police with a really, really poor script.

O’Keefe’s sexism and narcissism continued too, culminating in complaints against him by Project Veritas employees, including using organization funds for his summer stock performances of Oklahoma.

His last video was an undercover edited recording of an alleged Pfizer employee bragging about mutating the COVID virus to study the effect of the vaccine on reproductive health. Once again, it appears to be bull. Forbes debunks it here.

The video at the top is O’Keefe calling himself a journalist and martyr, as he admits that he has been removed from the board and is no longer the CEO of Project Veritas. It’s so clear that he is another malignant narcissist who claims to be principled, but wouldn’t know a principle if it came and slapped him in the face. The “despair” he feels is because he’s been caught. Plain and simple. If you can bear to watch it, you will see him summarize his career in an entirely different way than the truth. Poor broke James O’Keefe, driven to destroy people in order to get money to destroy more people. In the video, he says he hasn’t changed in the last 13 years. His record speaks to that fact, as does his self-indulgent video.

If Project Veritas bought or facilitated the theft of Ashley Biden’s diary, O’Keefe deserves everything he’s got coming to him. But don’t worry about James, he’ll come back like the zombie ratfucker he is.


February 2023