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Kellyanne Is Concerned About Beltway’s ‘Narcissistic Spouses’

Senator John Fetterman checked himself into Walter Reed Hospital for treatment of his clinical depression, and the attacks against him and his wife have been relentless. An estimated 21.0 million adults in the U.S. had at least one major depressive episode in 2020. Mental health issues need to be addressed in this country. Like the one, for example, that conservatives suffer from. They clearly lack the empathy gene.

Former Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway can’t seem to stop herself from lashing out at Gisele Fetterman after her husband was hospitalized for depression. Kellyanne, herself a narcissist who worked for the worst narcissist in politics, called Mrs. Fetterman a narcissist.

“I’m upset about these narcissistic spouses in Washington, DC. There are many of them,” Kellyanne said. “And I think in the case of Gisele Fetterman, it’s pretty bad.”

She went on to name positive stories written about the Senator’s wife. Kellyanne did this earlier this week, saying that Fetterman’s wife is really not looking out for her husband.

For Kellyanne to claim that someone else’s marriage is dysfunctional is incredible. She is the least self-aware person in the world. Her own daughter has dragged her on social media. Clean your own house first, lady. She sounds so jealous. Petty and jealous.

Crooks & LIars’ own Karoli Kuns suffered from a stroke and knows about the panic and anxiety that goes with that. It would be nice if conservatives would leave the Fettermans alone, so he can heal without having people judging him. I hate people. That’s why I have a cat.


February 2023