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Fox Hosts Blame Infrastructure Spending Priorities For Ohio Train Derailment

Just when you thought the right wing propagandists over on Rupert Murdoch’s not-a-news-network couldn’t get more ridiculous, they manage to prove you wrong. The hosts on Fox & Friends Weekend, after first helping to spread the lie that Trump deserved credit for FEMA coming to Ohio this week, tried to assert that the priorities in the bipartisan infrastructure bill were somehow responsible for the train derailment.

HEGSETH: By the way, a number of viewers reached out after we talked about this yesterday and pointed out something that we missed, which is FEMA didn’t announce the fact that they were coming there until after Donald Trump said he was going.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Great point.

HEGSETH: In fact, just minutes,mere, like in less than an hour after Trump said I’m going to East Palestine, FEMA was like, oh, we’re going, it’s an emergency. Sometimes it takes shining a light on it, or politics to create an effect.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Absolutely. Go ahead.

CAIN: Take a look at Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill that was passed, and I think this is something that you pointed out. It shows, as any bill does, priorities, and you can see how much funding in that infrastructure bill went to trains and railways, roughly $102 billion. But compare that now to the figures under there, green energy pushes inside of that infrastructure law, and they total… this morning I was with Rachel, and she said look, Will, can you do the quick math on that? Whoa, it’s bigger.

HEGSETH: It’s, like, $126 billion. […]

CAMPOS-DUFFY: But it does tell you, again, this bill would not have passed if it had said, if the name of the bill was what was really in the bill, which it was a climate bill. And after it passed, then they bragged this was the greatest investment into green energy and all that grift and the solar panels and everything else they’re doing to transition us.

And the whole train part as well is about transitioning us away from trucks, which they say, you know, is bad for the environment because it’s, you know, takes fossil fuels to gas up those trucks. You know, that is all part of this this as well. So it’s really important to the look at, as you said, what the priorities are.

Never mind that Trump continually promised to pass spending an infrastructure bill and couldn’t get it done, or that he was the one who rolled back the Obama-era regulation on braking systems that may have been responsible for the derailment. Future spending on green energy is the real culprit here.

Their idiot audience will fall for this crap hook, line and sinker.


February 2023