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Fox: It’s Biden’s Fault It Took DeWine Two Weeks To Take Action

Gov. Mike DeWine’s office announced last week that residents who are living near the derailed train area were required to evacuate as Norfolk Southern executed a “controlled release of the vinyl chloride” in an effort to “alleviate the risk of uncontrollable shrapnel from an explosion.” But DeWine did not declare a state of emergency for some reason.

This whole entire thing stinks. President Joe Biden called DeWine to offer assistance, but protocol demands that the Ohio Governor call the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He did not do that.

Finally, two weeks after the derailment, DeWine announced that FEMA would deploy federal resources to the train derailment site. It took him two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

And pundits on Fox News are blaming Biden.

“It is not just embarrassing and horrible domestically, but it projects weakness and apathy are brought,” Rachel Campos-Duffy said. “Who has respect for this government? Domestically or abroad?”

“We know there’s a lack of trust, which is why the state and the federal government pledged to be very transparent,” Todd Piro said.

The facts are that North Southern donated to DeWine. That company is now in big boy trouble. And that’s probably why it took DeWine two weeks to take action on this hot mess. Fox News has been running with the fake news story of Biden refusing to help when it was DeWine. And they just did it again.

Fox & Friends is starting to get it. It took a while, though.

Follow the money.


February 2023