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Céline Dion Movie ‘Love Again’ Will Be the Cinema Event of Year

This is a preview of our pop culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, written by editor Kevin Fallon. To receive the full newsletter in your inbox each week, was a movie that existed because, as a means of self-care, I had banished it from my brain. Because A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh recently became public domain, now anyone can freely adapt the work however they want . The filmmakers behind Blood and Honey decided to turn Pooh and Piglet into grotesque-looking serial killers. I’m still consulting with a team of lawyers to figure out how they can be prosecuted for this. Look at this photo!

Jagged Edge Productions

That said, the movie, as reviewed by my colleague Nick Schager, is astonishingly bad. (What a surprise!) But this plot description is truly something:

“A shoddily animated prologue explains that, as a boy, Christopher Robin (Nikolai Leon) discovered and befriended magical creatures in nearby Hundred Acre Wood. When he grew up and left for college, Pooh and company suffered through a horrible winter that eventually compelled them to eat one of their own: Eeyore. The ensuing trauma was so severe that it drove Pooh (Craig David Dowsett) and his loyal minion Piglet (Chris Cordell) mad, warping their minds and convincing them to reject their human instincts, including speech. They became marauding beasts with a burning hatred for mankind and, in particular, for Christopher.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar Has the Only Answer

It is the plight today of any actor who has ever been in a popular TV show or movie. They will no longer be able to do an interview for the rest of their career without being asked a) if there would ever be a revival of said popular project and b) if they would want to be a part of it.

There is going to be a new I Know What You Did You Last Summer, and, this week, Sarah Michelle Gellar was asked her thoughts about being a part of it. I’ve never seen someone answer the question so succinctly and so perfectly: “I am dead.”


(Apologies for the spoiler about her IKWYDYLAS character. But I refuse to consider a 26-year-old plot point a spoiler.)

What to watch this week:

Of an Age: A heart-wrenching queer romance that stunned Australian audiences is finally showing stateside. (Now in theaters)

Star Trek: Picard: The whole gang’s back together—as in the Next Generation crew! (Now on Paramount+)

Grey’s Anatomy: It’s Ellen Pompeo’s last episode! Show some respect! (Thurs. on ABC)

What to skip this week:

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: Just typing out that title took all the patience I have for this movie. (Now in theaters)Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey: It’s not even fun-bad. It’s just bad-bad! (Now in theaters)

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February 2023