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Mother Of Killed Russian Soldier Presented With A Bag Of Dumplings

The mother, who had already given one of her sons to the cause of “liberating Lysychansk from Ukrainian Nazis [sic],” was awarded the bag of pelmeni (Russian meat dumplings) as she’d already claimed the larger “prize”, whatever that was.

I admit I had no idea what Russian Pelmeni was, or what the differences were between Polish Pierogi, Ukrainian Varenyky, or Georgian Khinkali. Thankfully, Radio Free Europe set me straight on the differences between each country’s dumplings.

Source: Obozrevatel (Ukraine)

In the Republic of Tyva, once again, a local resident was singled out for giving her two sons to the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainian defenders in Lysychansk have already managed to liquidate the youngest son, therefore, as compensation, the woman was awarded a pack of dumplings.

The authorities of the village council spoke about the solemn action under the dubious name “Lepi good” on the social network “VKontakte”. It can be seen from the mother’s face that she is not delighted with what is happening, but she did not refuse dumplings.

And no wonder, because dumplings are a national Tuvan dish. Volunteers from all over the region take part in the action every year, and this year a simple treat served as an excellent way for the Russian state to “make amends” for partial mobilization.

In general, Tyva is distinguished by creativity in compensation matters. For a conscript sent to war in Ukraine, his family is given a live ram.

And this little one loves to make Ukrainian Varenyki.


February 2023