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Laura Ingraham Blames Gisele Fetterman For Husband’s Health Issues

You can file this one under “How Fox News weaponizes a health tragedy and pretends otherwise.”

The news that Sen. John Fetterman had checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center had barely gotten out before Fox News revved up its attack machine with the thinnest coating of fake compassion. C&L’s Karoli Kuns, who knows a thing or two about a stroke and its aftermath, wrote about Geraldo Rivera’s faux concern for Fetterman: “I fear that he is in very, very fragile health and does not look well,” “Dr.” Rivera declared. “To think that he’s not sharp inside as well as out is really very troubling.” Probably not as troubling to anyone at Fox as a 51st Democratic senator but I digress.

At least Laura Ingraham wasn’t wearing her ostentatious Christian cross necklace when she and guest Ned Ryun delivered their jaw-dropping cruelty:

INGRAHAM: What do you think of Gisele Fetterman who pushed this poor man to run for Senate? Now he ends up in the hospital with clinical depression after already being hospitalized. I mean, is there a more twisted scenario than this frankly cruel scenario than this?

RYUN: It feels very much like a Lady Macbeth situation in which she is very ambitious and she used her impaired husband as the vehicle to achieve some of her ambitions.

INGRAHAM (shaking her head in disgust): It’s sickening. I mean, it’s sickening and cruel.

What’s really sickening and cruel is smearing a family at such a time and using a guise of kindness to do so.


February 2023