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Walker: Young People Have No Rights As Citizens

In another almost unintelligible interview, Herschel Walker said if younger people don’t like America as it is, they should lose their citizenship.

Not surprisingly, 18-34 year olds supported the Democratic party by a huge margin during the 2022 midterm elections so now they are considered un-American by MAGA Republicans.

Christine Dolan, host of yet another right-wing podcast, asked Walker how he feels about people born in the 90’s who use the internet and want to change society.

“What do you say to those kids and those young people that are voting?” Dolan asked.

Walker believes all Millennials and GenZ’s hate America.

“First of all, they don’t know that the grass is not greener on the other side. That they think there’s somewhere better,” he replied. “If they now know another place better than the United States of America. I think, why don’t you go there?”

Unless you vote Republican, get out of the country?

“Tell me, or let me know who it is because I can tell them right now there’s not,” he said. “I think our biggest problem is we’ve not shown our kids that most of the people today hadn’t earned their right to change America.”

Huh? Voting rights must be earned according to MAGA rules? Who knew?

“What I mean by that, there are people that have died, given their life up. There are people that have given their life up for this flag, for the national anthem. They’ve given their life up for our freedom and liberties that we have in this country today and were taken for granted,” Walker croaked.

“Well, I don’t want that to happen and I’m saying, I’m not being tough, I’m saying If you know a place better, you go there, but you’ll lose your citizenship here in United States of America and then when you come back, you gotta come back legally…” he said.

Walker believes this is some kind of winning message for Republicans?

I doubt he understands his own words, but Dolan was asking for some encouraging words to try and get some of the youth vote back to the GOP.

What she received was a scolding for the young, with Walker telling them they are no longer American and wanted and to get the f**k out.


November 2022