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The 1/6 Committee Has A Plan To Deal With Jim Jordan

1/6 Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that the committee will release all evidence so that Rep. Jim Jordan can’t cherry-pick to build a fake scandal.


Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

SCHIFF: They are. I don’t think the back-and-forth is particularly helpful the committee, and I don’t want to engage in it.

We’re going to get to consensus on the report. We’re very close to that now. We’re close to the — putting down the pen and going to print. And I think the report is going to set out in a, I hope, very comprehensive way what took place, what led to that attack and all the circumstances around that.

We’re also going to be releasing the evidence, which may be the most important thing, the voluminous transcripts, the documents and e- mails. We want to make sure that that’s put before the American people. We certainly don’t want the Jim Jordans of the world to cherry-pick anything not disclosed and make a false or misleading narrative out of it.

So, the country is going to have the evidence. They’re going to have our report. And I’m enormously proud of what we have done and know I will be proud of the final result.

BASH: Well, I was going to ask you about that.

Jim Jordan has already said that he is going to — he will be the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He is — likely. He is going to go through the evidence you left out. You’re saying that there won’t be evidence that will not be made public.

SCHIFF: The evidence will all be made public.

Now, we will have to make sure that we scrub that evidence for personally identifiable information, that the evidence that we provide protects people’s security, it doesn’t put them at risk. So there are things that we’re going to have to do along those lines.

But, yes, we want to put the evidence before the American people, which supports the hearings that we have done, as well as the report that we will put out, and will be a comprehensive picture.

Rep. Jim Jordan has made it clear that he intends to use his power as the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to discredit the work of the 1/6 Committee, which he refused to cooperate with.

The 1/6 Committee is preemptively preparing for Jim Jordan’s abuse of power. The Republican House majority is expected to do everything that they can to try to smear President Biden and clear Trump’s name before the 2020 election.


November 2022