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Republicans Got A Taste Of Their Own Medicine Waiting In Lines To Vote

The day before Thanksgiving, Republican reprobate Kari Lake filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County, claiming it broke election law and disenfranchised Republican voters only from voting after printer malfunctions caused some delays.

Lake told scumbag Steve Bannon that Election Day was “the shoddiest election ever, in history.”

Bannon jumped in and said she is either the winner or a do-over should take place, because in BannonLand, wishes make it so.

As Politifact pointed out, “Voters in Maricopa County were not disenfranchised, according to voting rights experts, election officials and a local judge.”

AZ Central reported, “On Election Day, she said printer problems were “primarily in Republican areas of town.” A Republic analysis found the problems were roughly evenly split between precincts going for Lake and those going for Hobbs.”

The idiot known as Charlie Kirk was furious Republicans were forced to wait in line to vote.

Many people left and probably went to another polling station.

A judge threw out the Arizona Republicans’ suit demanding voting hours be extended after the glitch surfaced.

Arizona voters had plenty of places to go to vote, since they weren’t tied to one polling location.

Voters were urged to either remain in line until the tabulators started working again, go vote at another location or drop their ballots into a secure slot to be counted later at a central tabulation center in Phoenix.

For decades, Republicans have tormented minority communities around the country on Election Day by closing down as many polling places as possible and forcing them to wait in humongous lines.

A quickly-fixed printer glitch is not disenfranchisement.

All Republicans have to run on is conspiracy theories and voter fraud lies.

Too bad white Republicans had to wait in line to vote.

How does it feel?


November 2022