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House Republicans Can’t Impeach Biden So They Are Begging Him To Resign

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) falsely claimed that Biden is not mentally able to be president and that he needs to resign.


Jackson said when asked if Biden needs a physical on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

 Absolutely. He also needs a cognitive test, Sean. If and when they do a physical exam, it’ll be nothing more than it was last time, them just checking the box. This man is completely physically and cognitively unfit to be our president. He shuffles when he walks, he slurs his speech, he can’t remember people’s names.

We cannot have somebody like this running our country. Sean is, there are a lot of jobs where you can be 80-90% and still get the job done. This man’s far less than that. President of the United States, commander in chief and head of state is not one of these those jobs. This man is completely incapable. He needs an exam, he needs — they need to talk him into resigning and leaving and letting somebody else do the job.

As Trump’s White House physician Jackson was accused of drinking on the job and abusing drugs. He is also the person who declared that the morbidly obese Trump was in perfect health.

The reason why Jackson wants Biden to resign is that the House Republican majority is too small, and they likely do not have the votes to impeach the president. Even if the House could impeach Biden, impeachment will die in the Democratic Senate majority.

False claims about Biden’s mental abilities are also an indirect admission that Republicans don’t think that Trump can beat Biden in 2024.

Republicans are showing their fear which is another for Democrats to back Biden in 2024.


November 2022