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Dr. Fauci Buries Rand Paul One Last Time On His Way Out The Door

Just as Dr. Anthony Fauci can see his retirement just over the next hill, maybe Key Largo, maybe back to New York, he’s been making the rounds with the press, a sort of “goodbye tour,” in which he sets things straight for the record before, ideally – from his view, disappearing. But he isn’t going to disappear, and he knows that. CBS host Margaret Brennan even told Fauci in an interview that aired on Sunday:

“There have been all these House Republican calls for investigations into the origins of COVID and saying they’re gonna bring you up to Capitol Hill, Do you think that wanes as you step down?”

Fauci took a big breath and answered freely and fearlessly:

“Well, I don’t think it’s gonna wane for me because they’re already saying, the Republicans, that had they won the Senate, they would be bringing me before the committee that Rand Paul would be likely would be chairing.

And here it comes:

That’s not going to happen because the Senate is not in the Republican control. But the Republican House has said that they’re going to- and that’s fine with me,” he added. “I’m very much in favor of- of legitimate oversight. Absolutely. I mean, I’ve testified before Congress, given the 38 years that I’ve been director, literally hundreds of times, in many oversight hearings.”

You really have to watch the interview to see the intensity of the bad blood between the Republicans and Fauci and how little he fears them. More discussion on Fauci needlessly rubbing it in with Rand Paul below.

There was absolutely no point in bringing up Rand Paul chairing a committee to investigate him. Everyone understands that there isn’t going to be a Republican chairing anything in the Senate. It need not even be said. It is also totally understood that the House Republicans have planned on investigating COVID, and he has said many times that he has no problem with it.

And yet he did bring up Rand Paul by name, noted Paul’s promise, and then blithely said that it’s just not in the cards, not going to happen, “loser.” All said without being said.

You don’t get to hold a position like Fauci’s if you’re overly political or a hothead. But some bad blood boiled between ophthalmologist Paul and infectious disease specialist Fauci. And Fauci is human… sometimes one can unleash a little subtle anger.  Of course, he meant nothing by it…


November 2022